What happens to the recruiting market?


If everything is clear with the leisure and entertainment industry, then in recruiting (or rather in IT recruiting) there is a not-so-obvious jump. Thanks to Zoom, Skype and other programs for remote communication, the IT recruitment market is likely to survive this crisis.

Out of 120 active projects, only 3 applications were paused, although the number of incoming requests is growing. The most popular vacancies, as before, are artificial intelligence specialist, robotic engineer, Data Scientist, Full-stack developer and smart sales managers. The force majeure situation unpleasantly affected the work of startups and small outsourcing companies, but after the reformation of the departments they will return to projects again.

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What is advised to do to maintain a working atmosphere during a forced remote:

What are the forecasts and recommendations for sourcing?

A couple of weeks at home, silence and everything will be all right.

If you are now in search of the right person for your project, we are ready to help you – Recruit Alliance is working as usual.